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It's about students who are inspired by their Lasallian teachers to do more.

To dream is our way forward. Imagine a new Lasallian institution – La Salle College of Education, Science & Technology – providing hope and education to students in Africa.

The De La Salle Christian Brothers are working to build several institutions of higher learning across Africa. Lasallian institutions are already up and running, or in development, in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Madagascar and now Kenya.

Lasallians plan to educate several new teachers, engineers and scientists who would not have had the opportunity to participate in these emerging careers without generous scholarships empowering them.


Our Big Dream

La Salle College of Education, Science & Technology in , Kenya will serve the English-speaking population of Africa and support one of the largest Lasallian Brothers Formation Programs in the world. It will also focus on educating the most financially challenged communities living in informal settlements around Nairobi. La Salle College will literally transform the lives of thousands by breaking generational cycles of poverty.

The Brothers of the Christian Schools (De La Salle Christian Brothers) invite you to fully participate in this dream with us and sponsor students at La Salle College in Nairobi, Kenya.

We're getting closer to

Our Goal

Contribute to the fund.
Raised:$7,128,000 Goal:$16,000,000
The Lasallian Brothers first came to Kenya from the United States and helped build a teachers college. Today, the African Lasallians asked what more could they do to help the local artisans and underprivileged. Nairobi, Kenya, is among the largest economies in the Sub-Saharan region. However, there is a striking contrast between those who can afford to receive a quality education and those who cannot. The answer was to use Lasallian education to build on the success of our existing teaching institutes to expand educational opportunities for the poor of slums like Kibera. Allowing financially challenged young men and women to receive an education not only to be future teachers, but also to become scientists and engineers bridging the digital gap and helping to solve youth underemployment in a meaningful way.

Make Donation

Please contribute to our groundbreaking Capital Campaign.

Become a Volunteer

to host a fundraising event or to crowdfund for our school.

Give Scholarship

Our endowment fund will support underprivileged students with help for school expenses and life.

Get Involved

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Our Leadership

Discover the Lwanga District of the Christian Brothers in Africa


Help Fund Education!

The De La Salle Christian Brothers have a dream to build five higher education institutions in Africa. Lasallians in Africa have made significant contributions to build a campus for English-speaking students in Kenya, including by donating the land for the school. Please help by contributing to our capital campaign to finish the campus in Nairobi.

Get Involved

By contributing to our work you help provide educational opportunities to hundreds of deserving Africans.

Make a Donation

Your donation will help build this school and provide opportunities for students with financial needs seek a better future.

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